09:31 am, 22 Feb, 2018 (ACDT)
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Your Majesty, Cheetah and Tusk

I've added three more of my earlier works to the web site today.

The first is a very early work I've called "Your Majesty" which is a portrait in profile of a Lion.  I loved the image when I first saw it as he has a kind of wistful expression.

The second is a close up portrait of an Elephant only showing the right side of his face.  I've called it "Tusk" and it was the one that led to my more successful works "Pride and Joy" and "Happy Endings".

The third is a portrait of a Cheetah I've called "Spots and All".  I've always loved these most graceful of the big cats.  It's hard to imagine that these cats are quite fragile and will give up a kill to a single hyena rather then risk an injury.  They rely so much on their speed in a chase that even a small injury could be a death sentence.

Hope you like them as much as I do!

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