22:28 pm, 24 Jan, 2018 (ACDT)
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I've been taken by surprise by the interest generated by my appearance on Colour in your Life and re-visited my web site for the first time in ages.  Unfortunately, I noticed some of the prices were not correct. 

For instance, as I've framed the originals for exhibitions and shows, I've noted on the site that they are "framed" in the description but didn't add the cost of framing to the price of the item (yes I know, that was a bit silly).  The indicative prices on the site for commissioned art work were also very old and didn't reflect the time it takes me to do an art work. 

The upshot is that I've had to change some of the prices.  In all cases where we've had to change the prices and you've already ordered the item, we will obviously honour the old price.

I'm very sorry about that.


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