19:07 pm, 22 Feb, 2018 (ACDT)
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Basset cutie.

At the moment I am busy working on a big pastel but in the meantime, I have done my first dog...a really cute Basset.

I will be doing a lot more dogs, and cats, and....well....pets in general.

Waterhouse Art Prize!!!

I couldn't be more excited if I tried right now! I have made it through the juried selection into the finals of one of the biggest art competitions in South Australia, the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize which is held here in Adelaide at the South Australian Museum. I am so thrilled and honoured as it was my first attempt (and apparently it's not easy to get through. Only 102 pieces were chosen from almost 700 entries!)

My entry is "Happy Endings", a portrait of mother and child....from the rear! I am not expecting to win anything but just knowing that my work will be shown amongst some of the best national and international entries is mind blowing.



Finally finished the Tree Frog

Well I finally finished the green tree frog.  My second Pastel drawing.  I love working with pastels although the mess takes a little getting used to (luckily I have wooden floors and I am not obsessive about them staying spotless), .......

This was difficult, it took me two attemts to get it right.


My first Pastel

After looking at my brand new pastels in their brand new, shiny boxes for probably the 100th time, I figured it was time to give them a go. This was the result.

I just loved doing this little guy (fennec foxes are soooooooooo cute) and I realised that my trepidation at using pastels had been unwarranted.


Three Cats

This is a picture I did as a commission in 2007. The cats (or rather 2 of them) were quite difficult to do.

The one on the left was white but had a grey face so it actually looks like the face has been darkened too hasn't been. Oh and yes, it's crosseyed. That isn't an error.

The photo of the cat in the middle was taken with a flash so it had massive pupils, so I had to adjust it to match the other two. A tricky task but one that actually worked okay...they were thrilled with it!

So there it is....3 cats.


People Choice award

Pride and Joy was one of the entries in my first art competition. It was amongst more than 650 works of art on exhibition and not only did it sell, it also won the People's Choice Award!! I was thrilled to bits!


Welcome to the bloggy bit :)

Thanks for delving this far into Drawn Wild. This will be the section where I will post stuff and talk about things...the usual way a blog works I guess (having never done one, i'll work it out as I go along). I'll try not to make it too boring and hopefully will attempt to keep it somewhat up to date
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