13:53 pm, 20 Feb, 2018 (ACDT)
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Okay so I really am slack at blogging :)

My partner Dave reminded me that it's been a while since Iast added anything and I hate to admit it but he's right. Embarassed
So here's an update on what I've been doing. I am still working on my series of Australian animals but that got put aside for a while while I worked on this  >>>>>>>>>>>>>> I have just finished the biggest piece I have ever worked's 1 metre wide and 70cm high and is a drawing of 5 big cats. I have titled it "Safety in Numbers". It'll be onsite soon. Smile

Now I go back to finishing the Aussie cuddlies and I will absolutely, totally attempt to keep this blog up to date (*ahem, cough*).

Your Majesty, Cheetah and Tusk

I've added three more of my earlier works to the web site today.

The first is a very early work I've called "Your Majesty" which is a portrait in profile of a Lion.  I loved the image when I first saw it as he has a kind of wistful expression.

The second is a close up portrait of an Elephant only showing the right side of his face.  I've called it "Tusk" and it was the one that led to my more successful works "Pride and Joy" and "Happy Endings".

The third is a portrait of a Cheetah I've called "Spots and All".  I've always loved these most graceful of the big cats.  It's hard to imagine that these cats are quite fragile and will give up a kill to a single hyena rather then risk an injury.  They rely so much on their speed in a chase that even a small injury could be a death sentence.

Hope you like them as much as I do!

What Big Teeth. Portrait of a Snarling Tiger

I've just added one of my early works to the Drawn Wild web site.  It's a close up portrait of a snarling tiger which I've called "What Big Teeth".

The original is A4 and was done on a textured acid-free paper which has added some character to the subject in my view.

I love it and hope you like it too!

Our shop is finally on line

We finally finished the "shop" section of the web site tonight.  Visitors can now actually buy prints from us!

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating them!

Not so fact pretty good!

It isn't all disappointing news. We attended at the opening of the Waterhouse Art Prize and I found out that my picture is 'Highly Commended" Smile

This is fantastic because it means that my piece, along with the winning artworks and the few others that received high commendations, will be touring to Australia's capital, Canberra. Very exciting!






I have completed my three lots of 'Meet the Artist' demonstrations as at the South Australian Museum and I had an absolute ball doing it! I hope that the Waterhouse Exhibition continues to grow for many, many years to come and that I will be lucky and privileged enough to be chosen in a future show. :)

Not one of the chosen

Well....I didn't win anything at the Waterhouse. It was no real surprise (a lot of the other pieces there were way too good) but it was still a little bit of a disappointment. I guess everyone hopes it'll be them, even if they outwardly say they don't really mind (or is that just me). Oh well, at least I made it into the competition in the first place, so I shouldn't be that upset. I know that there are another 94 people who probably feel just like me tonight.

My piece will now be publicly shown for the next month and I can always try again next year. Congratulations to all of those people who won prizes!

Happy Endings SOLD

Happy Endings was sold before the Waterhouse Art show even officially opened, which is wondeful news. Laughing We'll be travelling to Canberra in early October to see it displayed in the National Archives. Can't help it....I have to go squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Happy Endings we wait.

My entry in the Waterhouse has been delivered to the museum and now it's just a waiting game. The show opens to the public on August 2nd and goes through until September 7th. Eeeeeeeee the excitement! Sealed
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