19:26 pm, 22 Feb, 2018 (ACDT)
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What is a "Limited Edition"?

All prints available from DrawnWild are released as "Limited Editions".  We believe that people purchasing a print from us deserve some degree of exclusivity and this is our way of doing just that.

Some of my work is able to be printed in more than one format (A4 and A3 sizes) and in those cases DrawnWild will release a limited edition of each format.

Each Limited Edition print is individually numbered and delivered with a personally signed "Certificate of Authenticity".  Of course, Limited Editions are just We will only produce a small number (200 currently) of each picture so these prints are only available until the last is sold.

DrawnWild guarantees that we will never re-issue prints of an original once the last print from each edition is sold.  However, we reserve the right to use my work in other formats (such as greeting cards etc) of course.

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