19:10 pm, 22 Feb, 2018 (ACDT)
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What if I'm not happy with the artwork?

You should read our "Terms of service" statement. 

As each print is produced on demand, we can't really offer to refund your money.  The prints are high quality and we never scale an image for a print larger than the original size so they are the best we can do.  With originals, we would hope that no-one has occasion to be unhappy with them! 

We take care in packaging (as you would know if you bought one) and we do guarantee a refund if the item is damaged in transit.

In exceptional or hardship cases, we might consider taking an item back and refunding some of the cost price (less handling/postage fees) but each case would be treated individually and the final decision would always rest with DrawnWild of course.
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