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How long will my artwork last?

Originals are drawn on quality cotton based paper, acid free and buffered.  They should last as long as any other similar original artwork.

Prints are done on archival quality paper with "pigment based" inks.  This type of printing (generically called "Giclee") should last a very long time.  We obviously cannot offer a "life time" guarantee as these printing methods are relatively new and the products used to produce them are out of our control. 

We are using the best products we have been able to find to try to ensure that your artworks will last a very long time!  Epson use Wilhelm Imaging Research to perform independant testing of their products and this testing indicates a life span in the region of 100 to 200 years before significant fading would occur.  This is likely to be a worst case estimate as well as greyscale printing does not suffer from fading in the same way as some colours do.

With all artworks, particularly originals, don't hang where they are likely to be in direct sunlight.
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