19:10 pm, 22 Feb, 2018 (ACDT)
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What pencils and paper and stuff do you use?

dvc03459.jpgFor the graphite, rather than using wood encased pencils, I use metal encased mechanical ones in HB, 2B and 4B which I sharpen with a tiny sharpener. For me these are much easier to use (and anything simple for me is a good thing!) and I like the weight of them. I also have several graphite sticks in various strengths of colour which I use for larger areas.

Colour on the other hand is a different thing. I have not being doing colour for long but when I do I do pastels, for which I use Rembrandt pastel sticks and CarbOthello pastel pencils (at the moment).

The paper I use the most at the moment for graphite is Canson 220gsm drawing paper. I prefer A3 (11 3/4" × 16 1/2") size to A4 (8 1/4" × 11 3/4") but I have now begun drawing in A2 (16 1/2" × 23 3/8")...and loving it! For the pastels I use Colourfix in all the colours of the rainbow (well the Colourfix rainbow, which isn't all that bright).

erasers.jpgI also use many different erasers, from a cheap (but totally invaluable) electric one that I picked up in the UK, to PaperMate E-Raser and Tuff Stuff ones through to Blu-Tack (love this) and ordinary run-of-the-mill-bought-from-the-newsagent ones.

I also use tortillons a lot...for smudging, for shading, for blending, for drawing.  I use all different sizes for many different things. The large ones I use with the shaving from my pencils to make large shaded areas (rather than cross hatching, which I hate). The little ones I use for tight shading and smudging and doing things like fur. I don't throw out any that are worn down and gummed up with pencil dust. Instead I use these until they are worn to a tiny nub and simply fall apart...that's when they get chucked.
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