19:02 pm, 22 Feb, 2018 (ACDT)
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In the Beginning - Daves Mum and Dad

As an example, for one of my commissions,

I started with these images:
Daves DadDaves Mum
In this portrait I was asked to 'neaten the hair' of the gentleman in the photograph. I also lifted his face. I only had a couple of images of him that I could really work with as most of the photos were either fairly poor quality or were too small. I had no front on shots or any photos that truly showed his eyes.

He had passed away quite a few years ago. The lady had passed away more recently so it was decided that they be shown together. I actually drew two identical sketches (rather than a sketch and a copy) which were then given to the late couple's two daughters. I personally really love this sketch.

The result was this sketch
Portrait of Daves Mum and Dad

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