19:14 pm, 22 Feb, 2018 (ACDT)
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Well, that was the beginning. Others saw the portrait and suddenly I had people asking me to do portraits for them. I had done several portraits for family and friends before another direction changer came along....a Christmas holiday visit by Dave's brother and his family from the UK. They gave us a Christmas gift, a limited edition print of a lion in graphite by UK artist Gary Hodges. I loved it. I had not told them about the portraits I had been doing yet they gave me this present. Fate had turned the compass yet again when I decided to draw a tiger....just to see if I could. It was rough, it was crude but I loved drawing it. From then I was hooked. Wild animals were fun. With each picture I spent more time honing my latent skills and realising that I really could do this.

Now I love the challenge of producing a beautiful, realistic piece of art. I love the illusion of colour in the myriad shades of grey that graphite produces. In fact, I enjoy everything about the art. I hope you enjoy it too. :)

I also occasionally use pastels and coloured pencils because some pictures just scream out for colour (or is that just in my head?? blush )  I am enjoying them very much but will continue using good old humble graphites as well.

At present (as of 2013), Dave and I are living on a boat, a 38' Cabo Rico monohull, and are sailing around the coast of Australia, so my studio is quite small and moves about a bit, thus making drawing a little difficult at times, but just as interesting.

So there is the story so far which has lead to my life-as-an-artist. It's been an interesting journey to here but the compass never stops turning. I will wait and see where it points next and I invite you to keep watching and travel with me. :)

All the very best ....................... Terry

Before I leave, there are a few people I really have to thank:
The first and biggest thanks go to my Mum Vi and Dad Ken, who were the most wonderful, loving and giving parents. They encouraged, loved and supported me throughout my life, through every up and down, through all the good times and bad.  I've missed them every day since they passed away (Dad on July 28th, 2010... Mum on August 23rd 2011) and I hope I can still make them proud. I love you both. heart broken heart

My wonderful children, Jason, Sarah and Daniel for sometimes thinking I am cool and for making me look good by becoming fantastic adults. I couldn't be more proud of you or love you more and now my beautiful grandchildren Isabell and Jayden (to Jason and Jennifer), Reilley and Ahlia (to Sarah and David) and Peter (to Daniel and Georgie).  You are my sunshine every single day.  Also my gorgeous stepdaughters Jessie and Petra... you've made being a stepmum fun. Cool

My sister (and best friend) Barbara. If it wasn't for her turning 40 I wouldn't be where I am right now. We've laughed, we've cried, we've shopped, we've eaten doughnuts... mmm doughnuts! Wink

And last but never wonderful partner Dave. So patient, so encouraging, kind, loving and generous. A computer guru, thank you for putting up with all the grief I have given you over the website, for encouraging and supporting not only me but my art. You make me laugh and I love you for it.

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